Graphite Surface & Honeycomb Core Pickleball Paddle Lightweight Racket

  • PREMIUM GRIP, PERFECT HANDLE SIZE - Our pickleball paddles can be nicely handled. Perforated, sweat absorbent cushioned grip of the paddle helps you enjoy longtime play without fatigue. Handle circumference at 4.25 inches allows for wrist action, spin, power and quick hand changes flawlessly.
  • BUILT IN STRENGTH HONEYCOMB CORE - Our pickleball paddles are composed by polymer honeycomb which can offer great energy to hit the balls. With the excellent honeycomb cell technology, the paddle will provide you an excellent balls control, which let you be able to get a terrific spin on the ball.
  • MARVELOUS GRAPHITE FACE - The graphite cover provides a firm, long-lasting pickleball paddle surface for perfect accuracy. It's mechanically bonded to the honeycomb core for a strong yet flexible structure, providing consistent lobs, dinks, and volleys.
  • BALANCED LIGHTWEIGHT - With a lightweight of 8 oz, our pickleball paddle sustains a perfect balance between great gameplay, control, power, and maneuverability. The pickleball racket is lighter than any other paddles obviously, so that the pickleball can come off the racket face appropriately with power and control.
  • PADDLE DIMENSIONS - 15.29" L x 7.68" W x 0.53" H. With a lightweight of 8 OZ. We believe the amazing pickleball racquet doesn't need to cost a fortune.

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